About a Theory

A new theory of Gravitation.

I don’t know exactly what is that about. I just guess that something more complicated, than we know, exists in this world and controls our thoughts and activities on individual and planet levels.

Is it physics? Biology? I doubt it. Is it God? With age I believe in it more and more …

That theory is not about serious speculations about serious subjects. It is more about unorthodox approaches to our reality, about making easy whatever wants to be too serious.

I already have some ideas about some underlying components of the theory:

  1. Subtheory of Controllable Stupidity
  2. Virtual Déjà vu as a paradox of past uncompleted activities
  3. Education as a “Not Idiot” receipt
  4. Mitigation of Black Swan events on individual level
  5. Implementation of Paradigm of Positiveness
  6. Conversion of multidimensional communication into one way single dimensional communication and vice versa
  7. A concept by which we measure our pain
  8. Age-related trend of taking more pictures of nature
  9. Etymology of Miregia
  10. “Extracting sunlight from cucumbers” company
  11. Phenomena of “Black Square” painting
  12. Happiness homeostasis
  13. Sky diving: Mental Anti-Gravitation vs. Physical Gravitation
  14. Music as a new dimension in gravitation theory
  15. Gravitation to the past
  16. House Construction process in Canada from my window
  17. Pink Floyd – “The Wall” concert in Toronto on June 23 2012
  18. Web Design – New Old hobby
  19. Music as a new dimension in gravitation theory – 2012
  20. Painting as a new dimension in gravitation theory – 2012
  21. Painting with music as a new dimension in gravitation theory – 2012
  22. Another perspective on the phenomena of “Black Square”

Some of them may sound humoristic, but, as you know, every joke has a fraction of joke. How much – we will see…


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