Some poetry

March 26, 2011

1. From my younger son, Alex


I try to restrain the tears that will inevitably come;
She lies in a drug induced sleep, with eyes barely open,
The nurse tells you she can hear you, but you can’t let her
Hear you cry, because surely it will bring more pain.

The air becomes hard to breathe, and the loss of words
Overwhelms you, what do you tell a person that’s on the
Brink of death? Though you never said you loved her,
She needs to know, and you struggle to keep it together
When those three words barely escape your lips.

I thought depression was bad before, but now it
Dawns at new extremes, with anguish flowing
Through my tears, my body starts to tremble,
And I cannot do anything but break down,
Dropping on my knees, feeling sorry for myself, but more for her.

They say she had a ninety percent chance of recovery,
But this is the one kind of lottery that no one wishes to win,
The only one that brings the feelings of a tremendous loss.

You remember her raising her hand,
And you jumping out of the chair, and grabbing it,
Holding it, and telling her that its going to be okay,
Hoping that one little lie will bring her peace, comfort,
Or anything that would help her leave this life with memories
Of happiness, and not of the many things that she did not get to do.

2. From me

До свидания, родная, до свидания.
В нашем расставании вчера
Мы боялись думать о прощании.
Мы не верили, что это навсегда.

До свидания, родная, прикасаясь
Мыслью к пролетавшим облакам,
Я смотрю и снова забываюсь –
Кто же из нас здесь, а кто же там …

3. From Iouri Chametka

Слоў не хапае…
Слоў і не трэба…
Проста скажу табе на разьвітанне:
Я захацела бездані неба
Зьведаць каханне…