The ultimate understanding is understanding of each other’s silences

December 11, 2010

“Высшая степень понимания — понимать, о чём человек молчит”


Phenomena of “Black Square” painting

December 5, 2010

A picture is worth ten thousand words – Chinese proverb

"Black Square", Kazimir Malevich, 1913

Malevich proclaimed his work as the “zero” of painting, that there was nothing that the painting presented, no positioning, no certain conventional imaging. A “meta painting” – a painting that has no opposite in representational painting. While representational painting must deal with particular conceptions, “zero-painting”, or “not-painting”, or “meta painting” is a generalization of the universe.

“Extracting sunlight from cucumbers” company

December 4, 2010

This was one of businesses, launching IPO during the famous South Sea Company bubble in England in 1700th. Nevertheless, they got money from investors and immediately disappeared. Well packaged stupidity can sound like wisdom.
Nowadays, people are smarter and pay attention to company names and read financial statements. But, do you think some contemporary businesses are different from that “Extracting sunlight from cucumbers” company? How about sub-prime mortgages and derivatives?
The financial laws of gravitation don’t change over time.

Education as a “Not Idiot” receipt

December 4, 2010

My business card doesn’t have enough space to put all my abbreviations.


And from my experience, it looks like all that education doesn’t necessarily teach you what you need in your real work career. You are very lucky if you use your education in your job. Education is mostly about self-organization, team work, commitment, prioritization, and communication. It just confirms that you are not an idiot and able to learn something new, if you want.

Age-related trend of taking more pictures of nature

December 1, 2010

The nature is talking to us by its colors, but we are too deaf to understand it…