Subtheory of Controllable stupidity

Controllable stupidity is one of the components of my theory of gravitation (see page About a Theory).

Each person has certain amount of stupid things to do in his/her life. So, if we do some of them intentionally, or under control, it will reduce a number of uncontrollable stupidities, with overall stupidity balance unchanged.

And if this idea is stupid, I made safe stupid assumption without hurting anybody and reduced my overall allocated stupidity by one point.

If this idea is not true, at least it is entertaining, I hope.

There are some advices how to implement controllable stupid things, e.g. for Russian speaking audience.

2 Responses to Subtheory of Controllable stupidity

  1. Well says:

    Who is eligeble to evaluate if Event/Idea is stupid?
    Because of it, summ of each component is going to be different. -:)

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